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Hi guys, I'm looking to set up some new webinar topics and I'd love to make sure I'm delivering the stuff you guys want to know about. So hit me with your webinar topic ideas please!

And go...

I'm not sure its as common as I think,

but how about setting up a useable injector dead time table for unknown injectors?

I know a lot of engines that are being modified don't have injector data readily available.

and also im curious (not really enough for a webinar) how to change a dead time table to suit the change from running low impedance injectors with ballast resistor to running with out ballast resistors given many new ecu's don't need ballast resistors.

maybe some nitrous examples (example of using it to launch and spool vs how to tune it when it is a standalone power adder).

just some ideas, probably not applicable to the experienced tuners, but maybe good for the DIY'ers

Traction control?

Beginners guide to Motec I2?

Fuel system design (so injector sizing, fuel pump sizing, fuel surge etc)?

Configuring flat shift?

And possibly a contentious one - ECU comparison?

Apologies if any of the above have already been done...still working my way through the previous ones.

Tuning XR6 Turbo with HP Tuners , rescaling load tables and boost control

CAN programing?

Data analysis.

Trigger and Sync selection, pros cons. its a bit unclear when selecting a trigger for a fresh build, what is ideal in what situation etc

- another vote for nitrous tuning.

- A detailed webinar on setting up the plex knock monitor.

Will soon think up some more.

tuning autoboxes to suit increased power?

flat shift with strain gauge in the Link ecu sofware

Thanks for the ideas so far guys. Some great topics in there. Please keep them coming!

Possibly a webinar showing a true pump gas to flex fuel scenario, I know you did show how to make software changes but maybe one just to show people how it really reacts when the mixture is changed and how the secondary fuel table comes into play. Then how to adjust for more of a gasoline mixture. I've done it on a few stand alone computers now but some people may appreciate seeing it in action.

Another vote for using/programming the CAN bus

Also, how about some tips/info on setting up an Idle air Motor - some initial settings and ideas on how to best use it

Following on from a post I made recently, how about a webinar on tuning variable cam timing.

Nevermind, today is the day. LOL.

Vote for...

Flat shift & Anti-lag & Traction Control setup (with cable & DBW TP.)

M1 & Link & Haltech, Utilize logging rate & datalog Analysis.

CAN programming.


another vote for using programming and understanding can networks

Another vote for flat shift with strange gauge.

Maybe some intro into direct injection could be a good idea , there are some plataforms

that come with that technology and more to come...

Dyno tuning cars with automatic transmissions. I'd say more than half of the cars in my area are auto and many people are buying them for ease of driving. Having a good webinar on how to tune around gear shifts, converter slip, etc. would be a great help.

Maybe its obvious, but i often wonder how you know when you are limited by exhaustflow in the head or even inlet manifold.. how do you know when the ex.manifold is restrictive and when is the ports in the head restrictive.. and destinguish them apart.. is that something to make a webinar out of?

Anti lag - Levels of als from "safe" to full blown rally car

Any knock detection topics (plex in detail)

"Street tune vs track tune"

Effects of engine modifications to performance - cam shafts, valves, valve seat angles, injector placement, compression ratios etc - webinar to help people plan a build and how it will affect their tune

Fine tuning AFR (maf rescalin) , using trims to change parameters on VE tables, or injector timing factors.

Rally ALS system.

Haltech Elite boost control PID

A webinar on the black art of Methanol tuning would be interesting ;)

another vote for Anti Lag, Flat Shift and CAN Bus ;)

another vote for CAN programming, methanol tuning, flat shift, and anti lag. Would also like to see tuning with a big cam on hp tuners and haltech as well as a tps/map based tune on a haltech!

Any chance on a webinar for tuning an EFI converted V8 with the plethora of kits available now? Possibly with a batch-fire strategy and working with your sync data from the distributor?

I feel like these kits are really becoming popular as more people realize they enjoy driving their cars more than trying to bring a carburetor back from the dead of winter.

Ok guys there are some really great ideas in here. Thanks to everyone for your input and we will see what we can incorporate! FYI I do know that the search in the webinar archive sucks but some of these ideas are already included in some shape or form.

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