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Weird interaction with tuner

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Anybody ever dealt with this company? Is he legitimate?

I reached out for TCM Programming and he let me know that he had done a “background check on me and that I should understand. He referenced a couple of my posts on the HPAcademy Forums where I’m learning how to perform reflash tuning.

He took the time to explain that there are secret torque limiters in the PCM that need to be removed. Viezu and others don’t know about them.

He said that for two reasons he won’t provide me any assistance with the PCM …

1.He doesn’t want to be “on the hook” for damages.

2. It’s his secret.

Just as weird, he continued by offering to put me in contact with a guy in San Diego to perform the TCM programming anyway for $650.

What is going here?


On Sun, Jan 14, 2024 at 7:58 PM Cameron Knight wrote:

Hello Anthony,

I hope you understand that we are doing some background checks on people who get in touch with these kinds of requests, so I have seen your posts on hpacademy.com about what you're doing with your XFR. Quite a project to tackle

We're quite familiar with the tunes for 5.0SC Denso from Viezu (and others who sing from the same songbook), we had to fix quite a few of them for owners who weren't getting full throttle, primarily because they miss two torque limiters in the factory tune which are not identified in the various Damos' doing the rounds, and also missed by ECM Titanium.

Basically at ~700Nm the engine gets throttled back. Contrary to what people say on internet forums this is not because of a torque limiter in the TCM, it's these two limiters in the TCM. The torque limit programmed in the 6HP28 TCM is actually 850Nm. You won't hit that unless those two limiters in the PCM are addressed, and I don't think you'll find them with the tools you have.

Now the bad news, I'm sorry but we can't help you with the PCM side of things, for two reasons.

#1 this tune you are making to run on E85, being experimental, is quite risky and we don't want to be on the hook if or when something goes bang.

#2 as you're already dissecting tunes from other companies, frankly we are not going to give away any secrets. Sorry about that.

Now if you are still interested in a TCM tune, knowing that the raised torque limiters in the TCM aren't going to solve that 700Nm problem, well we have a contact in San Diego who can flash it for you (and no it's not that jerk Alex). But there are some other things about trans tunes that we should clarify;

- if you put offsets or other means of falsifying the torque calculations in the PCM tune, this can have some real negative effects on a TCM tune, could be the TCM commands the PCM to throttle back even more, in the worst case the transmission could be damaged e.g. the TCM is shifting based on reported 500Nm torque but in reality it's 775Nm, things could break or wear very fast.

- if you change rear tyre size away from stock 285/30R20, this affects the shift points, we need to adjust for the actual tyre size

We would only be able to offer you a TCM tune through our contact in San Diego, flashing it with his equipment. It's not possible with a Kess or your JLR-VCI.

Our RRP on the TCM tune is $650 USD and I believe there is 8.25% California sales tax on top of that.

If you're still interested I can put you in touch with our guy.




+61 488 121 890





mhhh.. not judging, but, when the gutt signal's are not good right from the beginning....?!

Personally, I would not let a potential customer know, whether or not, I did a "background" search and I do NOT practice nor advocate anyone to do so, in any way.

As a matter of fact, I found that the technically interested customers, the ones who have some degree of understanding (ie. "half-knowledge"), were the most appreciative ones, once problems / project targets were reached, or, trouble solved to their satisfaction.

Transparent and constructive communication is key!


Thanks for your opinion Dom.

For the record … When I contacted Viezu, I let them know exactly how I intended to use the tunes. I told them I was learning here and wanted to use them as a reference. They took my $500 just the same. Did I do something wrong?

I “background checked” him back 😂. It turns out he’s the moderator on a popular Jag Forum and always posting this same story about these same secret limiters that only he can remove.

I don’t know… just seems lame to try to take credit for “fixing” all these tunes when it’s simply a setting he’s gatekeeping. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

I’m going to keep the course and hope he’s wrong .. if not I’ll just buy the settings from one of his customers. 👍🏾🤣

There seems to be some things missed out, or I'm just not following it properly.

You approached him for a "tune", specifically stating you would use it as the base for your own, did he accept the terms, you paid a sum of money provisant on that apparent acceptance of what you said you were going to do, then he didn't follow through on part of that agreement (or any?)?

It would seem you have a good case for applying to your CC, or intermediary, for a reversal of the payment made.

No Gord. I requested a quote for the TCM programming he offers for 6HP28 Jag transmissions. Nothing more. He searched my name and found my posts on this forum where I’m learning. He sent me the response above. I didn’t request a quote for engine tuning.

He let me know that TCM programming is pointless because I’ll never hit the power levels to utilize the custom programming unless I remove two secret torque limiters first.

He won’t assist with that because I’m experimenting with E85 and he doesn’t want to be on the hook for damages. Also because it’s his secret and from his background check he knows I’ve already looked at other tunes for reference.

I’m not sure how to make sense of it. I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything wrong. As I said, I informed Viezu that I intended look into their tunes. They didn’t seem to care at all and took my money.

It’s his business who he wants to sell to. If it were me I’d have taken my money and provided exactly what I asked for. Why say any more about it?

I posted here hoping to get other perspectives.

Ah, I mis-understood. So did Viezu provide the agreed service and/or product?

Hi Gord. Yes they did. No issues with them. I’m sure that having them for reference will improve my learning here.

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