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I want to buy a EFI system for my project but I also want to use a system that will pertain to my HP Academy classes the closest. (System that you might cover the most.)

What system would you say that is?

G'day Joshua.

The information relayed in the courses is applicable to any aftermarket EFI ECU, it teaches you the theory of tuning irrespective of the actual aftermarket EFI system. However, the worked examples in the practical standalone tuning course are a really great resource, and if you wanted to follow along with one of those, we have them for the Motec M1, Link G4+ (both traditional and modelled fuel equations), the AEM infinity, Haltech Elite, and the Syvecs S8.

Yes, I was wondering if there is any one standalone that might be used in the "examples" more than others. I work so much that it's easier for me to follow along with HP Academy the hours between work and sleep. I don't have time to call shops during the week and shops are closed on the weekends.

I am currently working my way thru the first course. (Zac. buddy oh pal.... your voice is monotone! I can only manage to stay awake thru 3-5 clips a time! LoL) I already know some of the lessons but I am watching them just to make sure what I think I know is right.

Hah, you wont have seen me yet Joshua, The current tuning courses are all presented by Andre, with Ryan from Rywire doing the current wiring course. I'm reformatting the wiring course at the moment, will start shooting soon, I'll try and spice it up a bit!

Forgive me please!

Yes, Andre! (I don't intend to be rude)

If you wanna start cheap, take a look at hondata as well. Some versions, You can live tune and it's a simple, yet powerful ECU .You can wire in upgrades to it too; practice some wiring.

After that, you can go bigger and get the big-dog ecus

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