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What is the critical data !!!

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I would like to inquire about such a topic.

I own a car type Land Cruiser 2004 model.

The engine is 4.5 L ( 274 ci ) 6 cyliners.

I’m using a Motec ecu M600.

First, the engine is stock and it’s not modified. All the components are OEM and I didn’t change anything.

Now my question is as follows:

1) What is the most important data are needed to fill the option in the computer. (ignition, injector, trigger system, etc....)

2) If I didn’t find the data. (Example: injector, MAF etc...) In this situation, do I have to change the parts and replace it with the aftermarket parts to get all data and re-calibrate the sensors?

2) Can I fill the data by guessing. (example: injector compensation etc.....)

3) Where can I get these information to fill the voids.

Second, I did all what I could to run the engine and I succeeded in it. After that I tried to connect the timing light to find CRiP but the light sometimes flashing and sometimes doesn’t flash !!!! It happened when I start playing with the number in ignition testing !!!!

Anyone can assist !!!

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