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What (Syvics) ECU changes are required to add a supercharger

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I have a S6 Syvics fitted to my 1990 Golf Mk2 G60 Syncro edition one - R36. Basically running just like golf R32 with port injection and map sensor. It's a basic setup already running well under the S6 ECU. Just need to figure out how much extra fuel and ignition timing is needed extra to run with the supercharger.? Any help would be appreciated. I think generally unless you have deep pockets , buying and fitting the ecu is expensive enough for road use. Tuning costs are endless.

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Hi Rogiero, realistically nobody is going to be able to give you specific answers to your question and the only way to find out what the engine needs with the addition of a supercharger, is to test it on the dyno. The specifics will depend for example on the size of the supercharger, the boost pressure it's operating at, the supercharger efficiency, the compression ratio of the engine, and the octane of the fuel you're running.

If you're working from a good map that was developed for the engine when N/A then you'll already be able to see the general trend for how much timing to remove as the load increases - I'd start by extrapolating this into the boosted areas and then start with removing an additional 4-5 degrees for safety while you're getting started.

The same trends will be apparent in the fuel table but remember you'll also want to target a richer AFR as you move into positive boost. I'd just recommend following the process outlined in our Practical standalone tuning course as this will be relevant for N/A and F/I.