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What to charge?

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Hello! I'm really new to tuning and was asked to fix a guys car after installing a CAI. Throwing o2 codes. Leads me to believe MAF needs re scaling (thanks to the help of you guys, thanks) problem is I have no idea what to charge. I guess I was wondering if you would be willing to share a round about of how many hours it normally takes to do tasks of that nature? HP Tuners, no dyno. Thanks for your time!

If you want to remain profitable, you should charge your normal shop rate. That said, I often discount my shop rate if I think it is taking me too long because I'm learning.

I agree, i was just curious for an estimate.

If it was a car coming into my shop for the first time, my rule is I do the full job or nothing at all.

Example, customer comes in with a new CAI. I will put the car on the dyno, Rescale MAF, optimize timing, fuel curve, torque management, auto trans etc etc and costs $1,295NZD

If it was a car I had tuned before and then he had changed his intake I would instead charge him an hourly rate ($170NZD Per Hour)

Something like a MAF rescale is fairly easy, providing you're getting the right data for fuel mixtures etc. If it was a pre-existing customer with a car I had already tuned I would charge around $340NZD, although would also do it on the dyno

Awesome thank you for your explanation and time!