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What to use for custom sensor fitting

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Long story short, I need to add a honda obd1 IAT sensor to a supercharger manifold that currently does not have the provisions for one. This looks like the easiest way to go about:

1. remove one of the hex 'plugs' in the manifold

2.find a brass fitting that works with the plug threads

3. Hollow out said fitting and find some way to epoxy the iat sensor to the fitting

4.screw the fitting into the manifold

My question is, what can I use as my epoxy?

Right now I'm looking at permatex red rtv since it will survive the high temps, but I'm also going to be spraying 50/50 water meth into the supercharger. I haven't been able to determine if that will break down the red rtv.

It's probably a metric thread. You will need to tap the threads with pipe thread most likely.

Red RTV should be fine.

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