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Where is the best location for a TMAP sensor?

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I have picked up a Bosch TMAP Sensor - 4 Bar to use on the refresh of my MKIV Supra. I bought a flange with it that I can either weld onto the intercooler pipe pre throttle body or I can weld on the underside of my Plazmaman intake manifold. I see pros / cons to both options...what's the best practice here? If its on the manifold any place better than another or just as long as its in the main volume am I good?


If the intent is to measure MAP then it needs to be on the plenum side of the throttle.


Thanks for the quick response.

Its this sensor: LINK

Its a temperature/manifold absolute pressure all in one type thing...which is where my confusion came from on the best practice of placement.

Pre throttle measurement on a turbo engine would be measuring boost pressure not manifold pressure. Useful on control models that incorporate throttle mass flow but not very good for speed density because it will never see less than atmospheric pressure.

TMAP sensors are a neat solution, the only issue might be heat soak if the sensor bung is welded to a metal intake manifold that is bolted directly to the cylinder head. Most of the OEM TMAP setups I've seen (I work on Porsche/BMW/Audi cars for a living) use plastic intake manifolds.

For my Porsche 944 Turbo, I have the IAT/MAT sensor threaded into a welded bung on the pre-throttle boost pipe, which is mostly insulated from heat soak by the silicone coupler sleeves, and the MAP sensor is built into the VEMS ECU with a line to the intake manifold.

I do have a separate TMAP sensor that I bought a long time ago (also from T1!) with the idea of testing different air filter/airbox setups by mounting it pre-turbo to test if a "cold air" intake is worth it in a turbocharged application. But, too many cars, too many projects, have not gotten around to it. I'll start a new thread if/when that happens :)

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