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Where to begin learning the AEM Series 2 software

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I have a sandcar with a J32 Honda with a turbo. I paid for a "Tuner" to change the stock ECU to a stand alone ECU. He installed a new fuel system and the AEM series 2 ECU. I am disappointed with the tune and decided to learn how to tune the engine myself. I have purchased many of the HP Academy courses and have been learning. The course have done a great job of teaching the concepts.

My challenge is trying to learn AEM series 2 software. I have not been able to find a source for a beginner to learn the software and setup files. The documentation that I have found is for intermediate to advanced users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

I've only used an AEM Series 2 on a couple of occasions and now with AEM's focus being on the Infinity I doubt we will be adding specific Series 2 support unfortunately. Generally however the actual tuning process is the same between different platforms and it's just the layout of the software and the user interface that varies. Particularly if you've already got the ECU actually running the engine it should be relatively simple to make tuning changes. Is there something specific that you need help with?

If you're not finding what you need in the documentation or the software help, you might prefer the how-to videos that various people have posted on youtube. Search for 'AEMTuner how to' and that should bring up a few good ones. There is some info on the aemelectronics.com forums but much of the old Series1 and Series2 info was lost when we switched website servers a few years ago. If you still have questions feel free to post them here or on the AEM forums, I'll try to help if I'm able.

hello I also have an aem series 2 but I am also having difficulty finding examples the ones I find are usually old video. what work example can I watch the show how to tune not using ve

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