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Where to find ID 1000 1300 deadtime information for the Mitsubishi Evo X?

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Where can I find the deadtime information on ID 1000 1300 for the Mitubishi Evo x ? I was on the Injector dynmaic website however no mitusibishi data was posted.

The short answer is you don't.

You really need to develop your own injector scaling and latency data for these sort of OE ECUs. The process is fairly well documented on sites such as Evolutionm. It's a case of adjusting both the scaling and latency until your fuel trims are as close to zero as practical. It's a time consuming process that needs patience and a lot of logging.


What fuel are you running?

Pump gas or Ethanol?

I can give you a pretty close starting point if you require.

Thanks Ben I found all the info on the Forum

If you are going to use forum data as a starting point, make sure you still test and log. There are as many scaling and latency combinations on forums as there are people fitting these injectors. Don't take the values you've found as gospel. It may well pan out that they are perfect but at the same time they could be all over the place. Test and you will know for sure.

Thanks Andre i only take them as starting point will change them according to fuel trim

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