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Where to place the magnet on a MSD reluctor cam sensor.

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I have a Haltech PS1000 and I am currently running it in Multipoint and would like to switch to Sequential Injection. I'm going to place a magnet in the cam sprocket with a MSD Reluctor Pickup like I have on the Crank. I'm trying to fine out where to place the magnet. E.G... TDC, 10 degrees before, or like some systems recommend 60-120 or so. There doesn't seem to be a way to set the Home Sensor Angle.


Ben, the home sensor signal needs to occur somewere on the compression stroke of cylinder #1 before TDC.

But does the home signal need to happen before the crank signal or can it be anywhere before TDC on the compression stroke #1. I have the crank sensor at 90 degrees before TDC and then compensate by setting the crank angle in the software to give the computer plenty of leeway to process the signal.

how does your crank trigger pattern look like? Actually it doesn't matter much if it occurs before or after a missing teeth event on the crank for example, because you need to set up the trigger offset and angle in the software anyways.

Just make sure the home signal doesn't occur exactly at the missing teeth event, that will confuse the ECU and the car won't fire up.

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