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so here’s my latest crazy thought is it possible to have a variable boost level controlled by the mx stada dash on a link g4 based on track position via gps if I could load a track layout and somehow get the dash activating multiple boost levels at set points on the dashes track layout do we think this is possible

I'm not familiar with the Aim dashes so I really can't say how you could go about this. Provided you could work out a way of adjusting a value based on GPS location and then transmit that value to the ECU via CAN then I'd say yes. Again I'm not familiar with the AIM dash, however my understanding is that they aren't very flexible in terms of user CAN messaging so this could be a stumbling block. I have considered writing some custom code for one of our M1 MoTeC ECUs to essentially provide the same functionality with adjustable geo-fencing but as yet I haven't had the time.

I will say that I don't think an AiM dash has flexibility to do this type of thing. It is possible with many MoTeC dashes, but you would need to load specific distance/boost aim tables, per track. -- Forget to do that and you could suffer an unnecessary loss of performance.

Thanks for getting back to me guys looks like I will be better off just trying to get his traction control working just not sure there are enough unused inputs for wheel speed left now