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Which Link ECU to use

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I am building an LS Based 408 cubic inch motor for street/strip car and trying to decipher which Link ECU to get. I will be running 8x 80lb Siemen Deka High impedance injectors, carb style throttle body/intake and coil on plug.(Throttle by wire is not necessary) The engine will have a dry nitrous system that I want to be able control progressively and integrate seamlessly into the tuning. Gasoline only.

I cannot tell 1 what is the latest version of the Link system? G4+? G4X? I am leaning to the Extreme G4X.

Also as far as wiring goes, I would like to wire the entire ECU to a bulkhead connector (Amphenol Connector) on the firewall and then plug in connector to allow easy disconnection and the firewall and removal of the engine. Will this require me to get 2 of the A and B Looms to complete easily?

Any help is appreciated, I want to make sure I make right choice.

G4X is the current generation, G4+ is being phased out. The Xtreme would be a good choice, it has all the motorsport functionality and plenty enough IO for a solid V8 set-up. It is probably our most common ecu for that type of application. You can get away with the Storm which saves a couple of hundred dollars but you do give up a few valuable inputs/outputs and a couple of advanced software features such as traction control and cruise control.

Whether the Link looms are a good way to go for you if you are planning to use a firewall connector etc is debatable. They are made with decent thin wall wire that will fit in size 20 pins etc, but to me if you are going to do a firewall connector you are probably better to start from scratch. You then have a bit more flexibility where you do splices etc. But to answer you question about whether you would need 2 of each loom - I would say no, provided the ecu is not too far from the firewall plug then the normal 2 meter length would cover both sides ok. Otherwise we do sell 5 meter (15ft) long versions too, which would def be plenty.

Thanks for the response. I will get the Extreme G4X, I will try going at it from scratch for the firewall connector.

Two other questions: Can the Extreme I/O be expanded? What number of pins is recommended for a firewall bulkhead connector? Spit into 2, separate connectors, how many spares should I consider to have?

Can the Extreme I/O be expanded?

Yes, the G4X has very flexible CAN, so almost any input or output can be connected via CAN. So for instance you can get an analog to CAN module for relatively low cost, for example AEM 30-2226.

What number of pins is recommended for a firewall bulkhead connector? Spit into 2, separate connectors, how many spares should I consider to have?

Really you need to plan it out on paper first, list everything that needs to be connected, how many wires they need and the current requirements etc. Some high current stuff such as the 12V for the coils etc may need to be split over 2 pins for example. But a typical V8 street machine with cable throttle you will probably be looking at the 41-55pins ball park, so a single connector will do it.

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