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Why not to use an open sauce ECU tune software?

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Hi everyone, I was looking for some Tuning shop in my area and none of the shops use an open sauce tuning software. Can anybody explain me why?

Maybe you are asking your self why I'm looking for somebody who tunes using open sauce software, I did some upgrades on my client 06 STI, and the car came to me without cat, tgv and pcv sensor. I don't have much experience on ecu tune, but I didn't find anyone for to do it, then I decide to do it myself using ECUFlash. And now I have the engine all apart in my bench with a broke piston, and now I'm afraid of doing the tune again and I'm looking for a shop for to do it, but I'm not finding one. I'm asking about open sauce software because as far I know the commercial ones doesn't do cat and tgv delete anymore.


Mostly, lack of experience with the open source tools. The fact there is no support is another factor. Understanding an OEM ecu is a huge task if you want to do more than a few minor changes.

Why did the piston break?

I think it broke because of knock and the boost was higher than it should. I got a new and bigger turbo and I didn't test the waste gate for to know how much psi it needs to get open, I got 33psi on absolute pressure if i'm not wrong the stock pressure should be 29psi. And I didn't modify the boost table.

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