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Widdband CAN controller

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I'm in the process of wiring a Link G4+ on a Golf 20vT and I'm considering what afr controller to buy. I definetly want a CAN wideband. My first choice was the KMS CAN UEGO but after I saw the Link one I need little help. Do you try it? iz it reliable as the ecu's what's the good and bad of it? Would you prefer Link one or anyone else?

I am yet to use the Link LTC unit but from what I have seen it is a great product and I would assume they would be extremely easy to work with a Link i.e the CAN setup will be easily available.

I have used the HV Electronics LTC single and duel channel quite a bit as well and had great results. Maybe worth a look.


All the mentioned systems use the Bosch 4.9 sensor which, depending on your exact configuration, some people have issues with reliability. The only lambda to CAN which I am aware of that supports the NTK sensor is the Motec LTC. There are professional tuners out there who much prefer the NTK product.

Autronic B Model Analyzer also works with the NTK UEGO

We've been doing some testing with the Link CAN-Lambda unit for a few months now and have had good results. It's a neat product that's easy to connect and has proven to be reliable. We've used it on both our engine dyno as well as our Toyota 86. In the 86 the sensors are fitted pre-turbo and hence get a bit of a beating yet are still going strong.

Autronic Model B does not support CAN which was one of Rallye's requirements.

Thanks for reply. What will be the pros and cons of the Link with Bosch vs the Motec with NTK?

The NTK sensor in my experience lasts for an incredibly long time - I was seeing at least 12 months of use in a professional tuning environment on my old dynapack dyno using a Motec PLM. The NTK sensor is more expensive though than the Bosch LSU (close to double from memory), but this is easily justified by the life expectancy.

I haven't had enough time with the LSU 4.9 to see what it's life expectancy is in a professional tuning environment. Certainly the LSU 4.2 was terrible and we were replacing sensors every 1-2 months. So far from my own testing using both the Motec LTC (LSU 4.9 version) and the Link CAN-Lambda, the LSU 4.9 seems to offer a good service life (I haven't replaced a sensor yet). I'm not sure if you can put this down to the difference between the 4.2 and 4.9 sensor or the controller though.

The Motec PLM is nice in so much as you get a display (although it's a little awkward to mount so it's easily viewable) and you can reconfigure the unit to work with LSU or NTK sensors. The PLM is considerably more expensive than the likes of the Link CAN-Lambda though so you need to factor this in.

The Motec LTCN (NTK version vs the LTC which supports the Bosch 4.9) is a lot cheaper than the PLM but it has no display and only supports NTK sensors. I forgot about the PLM as it is been around for so long.

Andre is right, the NTK sensors are about twice the price of the Bosch 4.9 sensors.

As far as I am aware, most of the lambda to can adapters which support the Bosch 4.9 sensors are using the Bosch "chip" to control them, then the supplier adds a CAN interface to this (including Motec). The LTCN from Motec uses their own processor which gives they feel gives them a bit more freedom instead of been confined to the limitations of the Bosch chip.

The Motec product has been on the market for a few years now and is proven whereas the Link product is new.

Another one to consider that has CAN is the AEM X line wideband. It is supposed to be the fastest responding wideband at the moment.

Some test I could find:



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