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Wideband and EGT

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Hey all! Question that has been keeping me up at night, besides the meaning of life and how to understand women, is about Wideband and EGT sensors. I have an EMU black that I am in the process of preparing wiring diagrams, and all that jazz (currently doing the intro wiring course). The EMU black capabilities of running a single 4.2 or 4.9 sensor. My car, Z32 Twin Turbo swap, is essentially 2 3 cylinder engines that share a crankshaft and utilizes a balance tube on the plenum to ensure equalized pressure. I know 2 sensors would be the best way to do it, and understand the reasoning behind. This is a street car, not going for records, just a fun ride. Can the WB be installed in say, the X pipe, to read overall AFR and utilize an EGT in each bank for monitoring of possible lean or rich conditions? Or am I relegated to adding more electronics? I am trying to KISS it (Keep it simple stupid) :) Thanks all! I appreciate any and all info!

Either put the sensor where all exhausts are merged (ok with an "X" type, probably not a good with an "H" type crossover), or just put in one bank, and assume the other back stays in sync. I've tuned a few cars with only a single sensor, but often end up adding a second sensor just for the diagnostic info. such as where is that mis-fire coming from, or is one back suddenly running lean due to a clogged injector.