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Wideband connection

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When we are installing a wideband sensor on a vehicle that has a narrowband sensor should we use the oem plug and connect the 4 wires of the wideband respectfully to the oem loom plug and the remaining wire use it directly to the analog output ? Would it be better when use a wideband gauge to weld the bung and run the oem on the loom and the wideband as a reference gauge with the use of the analog output ?

If your system still needs the narrowband to work, leave it there along and install a wideband gauge kit (bung,sensor and loom) for reference totally separately.

Its much simple that way.

I'd recommend a separate O2 boss for your wideband sensor personally. Some wideband controllers offer an analogue output which can be configured to simulate narrowband sensor operation and in this case you could remove the narrowband sensor completely and wire this analogue output to your ECU.

In all honesty though it's probably just simpler to run two separate sensors.

Do you recommend the same if we are using an aftermarket ecu with a aftermarket CAN O2 wideband such as the Haltech or the Link etc. ?

I usually use both was just wondering if it would be better if instead of using both to use just the wideband .

With an aftermarket ECU there's really no advantage or reason to use a narrowband sensor so I'd usually just fit a wideband sensor in its place.

So when using an aftermarket ECU and you use a wideband O2 do attach the 4 cables of the factory loom to the new wideband o2 so it doesn't through have the check light on ? This when not using a gauge .

When using a gauge they usually supply an extra loom (1 for the O2 and 1 etxra) that has a connection wiring (ground , power , signal ) when we connect the signal to the loom will that be correct for us to get the right reading and not have a check light ?

If you use aftermarket ecu then you elimitate the stock o2 and use the wideband setup. You DO NOT just wire a sensor into stock wiring. What you can do is use the wideband controllers output and run that into the ecu, if the ecu needs a wideband signal then you use the 0-5v output if its narrowband then you use 0-1v output.

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