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Hi all,

I recently purchased my MVPI2 and have started to do a few data runs and make a few minor adjustments but as a total newcommer I am finding it difficult to quantify my results. I need to add a wideband into my charts but I am confused how to go about it.

I have an Innovate LC2 but dont know how to utilise it with the new MVPI2.

Do I need to purchase a " Pro Link " cable to allow me to use my wideband ?

Is there another way to do this? Of course you need to purchase the Pro feature set to be able to use the Pro Link cable !! $$$

My vehicle, 2003 HSV Clubsport, has what im guessing is two narrowband sensors already fitted so can I replace these with wideband sensors ?

I really am a newcommer and the technical details, at this stage, are above me, so any guidance in the right direction would be much appreciated.



Good news - You don't need the pro link to get your LC2 into the VCM scanner. What you can do is use the serial output from the LC2 along with the 4 pin innovate cable terminated in a D9 serial connector. From here just use a regular USB-Serial adaptor and connect to your laptop. in the scanner you need to add the PID for the Innovate LC2/LM2 and start scanning and it should appear. This is exactly what we're doing however we are using the LM2. It should all work exactly the same since the data from the LM2 and LC2 are identical.

You can't replace the factory sensors with wideband sensors as the factory ECM can't control them and then it also won't be able to utilise closed loop operation. Your wideband needs to be an addition to the factory sensors rather than a replacement.

Thanks Andre,

Just the information i was looking for.

Thanks for the info. I was also wondering about this.

Another question if i there a way to utilise a second LC2 which is daisy chained, to record a second sensor from bank #2 and display in HP tuners scanner as two WB signals....and then a third as an average....or....does HP scanner automatically take two signals and average them to a single value when it detects two inputs ??

Hope im making sense again