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wideband on datalogit

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How do i Connect my LM2 to the datalogit software so i can watch the AFR through the map watch?

G'day Fotis.

Wire the 'Analog Output 1 +' from your LM2 to the AN1 input on the datalogit. Then wire the 'Analogue Output 1 -' from the LM2 to the AN2 input on the datalogit. Then, in FC Edit, under 'Setup - Auxilarys', click the 'AN1 - AN2' checkbox in the bottom.

The default scaling of the LM2 is 0v = 7.35AFR, 5V = 22.39AFR. Adjust the scaling in the 'AN1 - AN2' box in FC Edit (in that same 'Setup - Auxilarys' screen) and that should be the input setup. You can then add a watch to show the AFR on the screen.

Hope that helps. Cheers.

Hello Zac, Thanks for your help. Should i wire ground to the 0v shown on the fc box?

No, you shouldn't need to, as you've wired the differential output of the LM2 to a differential input on the Datalogit, and this should help deal with any ground offset issues.

Note that the analogue outputs on the LM2's are notorious for giving problems. You'll want to confirm that the readings you see on the LM2 screen match what you see in the datalogit watch window. If not, you can trim the voltage output setting of the LM2, or the calibration in FC Edit till they do. I'd still keep the LM2 in a viewable spot though. Transmitting wideband o2 values over analogue voltage outputs is always a bit of a faff, but you should be able to get it working adequately.

Awesome thanks buddy.

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