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Wideband sensor packing up within a month

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this.

I bought an LC2 with the Bosch 4.2 sensor, this lasted about 9 months before the sensor packed up. Which, I guess didnt seem too bad.

I spoke to some people who reccomended changing to the 4.9 sensor, as it should last way longer.

so I bought the kit, upgraded firmware, etc, all running fine.

Well, it's packed up within a month! Getting error 8 on the controller.

Is it likely to be burning out the sensors because the controller is crappy?

I've got the sensor mounted quite far downstream on an NA application.

Not that keen to spend $100 a month on Bosch sensors!

Does anyone have any advice, I'm thinking changing controller to something non-innovate is probably a good plan at this stage.

However what other reccomendations are there, running with a Link G4+ Xtreme (not that it matters)

If you have 75USD to spend, try this with your LSU 4.9 sensor.


I've never had any issues with the innovate products. What sort of AFR's are you running? The only time I've had a sensor fail quickly was from running too rich.

I've seen really good sensor life on the LC2 - I actually had one fitted to our 86 for about 6 months and never had a problem with the LSU 4.2 sensor. If the sensor is a long way downstream in the exhaust and you're doing a bit of short running then you can end up with the sensor being damaged by moisture. Another consideration is the fuel - leaded fuels can kill these sensors very quickly.

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