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Widebands on V8 - Worth having one for each bank?

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Hi all,

Recently picked up a CTS-V LS6 with a rather large cam, long tubes, full exhaust, etc. Looking to add wideband for tuning, as the tune that is in the car seems to have issues, especially around idle. Wondering if it is worth having 2 widebands rather than just one?

It's nice to have dual widebands in a V configuration engine but not essential. If you choose to run a single sensor then you're best to fit that in the exhaust after the two banks merge so that you're getting an average of both banks.

Thanks for the quick reply Andre! I guess having a dual setup for more data can't hurt anything... Other than the wallet

At least having two will let you see any bank to bank variations, and while you may not be able to specifically tune individual cylinders, you can adjust your tuning to accommodate the leanest bank. This becomes more of an issue as your specific power levels increase.