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Will it boost creep

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I am not sure if i need to go bigger on the wastegate, need opinions . M52b28 bmw engine 2.8 10.5:1 cast manifold chinese gt3076 ill be running wastegate pressure to see how the engine behaves so around 7 psi would i be able to keep those 7 psi steady on this turbo with 38mm turbosmart ultragate it looks the manufacturer did the wastegate port in a good location PHOTOS below

Any opinions?

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I ran a 38mm on my first 2jz . It was on a similar manifold, the chinese cast one for 2jz. It was fine, held 7 psi, and 10 psi when i put the 10 psi spring in. That was with a holset hx40.

Great, cuz i heard bad things about those 38mm

I've had a customer with a 2.3l 4cylinder engine on a GTX3076R and it boost creep'd with the 38mm TiAl wastegate. Moving the wastegate piping towards the direction of the exhaust flow helped a bit (it was exactly 90degree to the flow direction before), but ultimately we went with the 44mm.

If I had to take a guess, based on experience I'd expect that you may end up with boost creep - That's quite a small wastegate for a 2.8 litre engine fitted with what is a reasonably small turbine side. One of the biggest factors is the way the wastegate is integrated with the manifold, or to put it another way, how freely does the exhaust gas flow into the wastgate. In your application it appears that the flow is close to ideal so that will be a huge help.

My approach would be this:

If you already have the 38 mm gate, try it and see how it goes. You've already got the parts so there's little to lose. If on the other hand you're still collecting parts, I'd suggest getting a 44mm gate and modifying the mount to suit.

Ill borrow 38mm from a friend than,but if i decide to go for 44mm would the manifold need work (porting) or the restriction is the wastegate itself and i can use a 38mm standart to 44mm v band adapter

If you were to upgrade from the 38 mm to a 44 mm I would port the manifold to suit and ensure any adapters you're using are also ported out. Will help with stable boost if you allow the wastegate to have the maximum possible flow to it from the manifold.

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