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Wiring an ECU course?

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I've watched the beginner and club level wiring course, it was useful in terms of building a quality harness with correct splices and so on.

The course I'm looking though, is the wiring of an ECU from start to finish.

For example

1. Grounding the ECU

2. Grounding the sensors

3. Connecting to analog or pwm (include solenoids)

4. Connect radiator fans through relay

I know you have some webinars about the sensors, watched this as well, but I think a specific course on how to wire an ECU with real-world examples (fans, relays with separate button, flat shift pedal, digital displays through CAN, connecting a knock block to an injector, coil to see load X rpm X knock etc. ) would be very useful for many of us.

I know you have loads of webinars and I've already sent an e-mail about how nice it would be to sort them by categories, I hope this will come soon and maybe it would be easier to find stuff that you already talked about.

Thank you