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WMI vs E85

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Water Methanol Injection Vs E85 is a decision for alot of high performance builds with E85 generally thought to be superior for high boost and power

As per attached Independent Motorsports did some testing on a turbo barra a few months ago with very little difference in performance between them on a well setup direct port WMI system

Given the consumption drawbacks and fuel system upgrades required for using E85, direct port WMI may become the "go to" option for high boost performance setups moving forward

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Street car I would go AI for the reasons mentioned, on the track boost threshold/response of the e85 is probably worth it.

There are a lot of drawbacks with WMI injection at the same time. Mixing to the correct ratio, range between filling up for the water meth, safety strategy implementation for when the tank is low.

Plus you can run into issues with delays with the system activating, and unless it is a direct port arrangement, distribution issues in intake manifolds designed for dry flow, not wet flow.

With the relative low price of high flow injectors and high flow/high pressure fuel pumps it's not as big a consideration as it was when E85 was new to the pump.

In my experience in the European performance market, I've seen plenty of instances where people spraying spraying larger quantities of Water meth, or straight meth (1500ml/min and higher) start running into oil break down issues over a period of 10,000km or so similar to competition vehicles running over a shorter period of time.

Plus the continual requirement to source, mix and store methanol fuel (particularly if it is a street car.)

You can use water ethanol or just water if freezing isn't a concern and get the same knock resistance with just a loss in evaporative charge cooling.

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