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Worked example for an Electromotive Tec3R

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This is a fantastic site. Very informative.

Is it possible to add a worked example for an Electromotive Tec3R ECU?

Hi Dave, thanks for the kind words. At this stage unfortunately I don't think we will be adding any Electromotive content. We simply don't have enough demand for this ECU sorry. You will find though that most of our content will still help you out on the Electromotive platform.

Hi Dave I was going to ask Andre about the Electromotive Products also. My first EFI tuning was on an Electromotive TECs and it was quite an eye opener in how different the setup was from the units covered in the courses here. It took me awhile to figure the TOG, IOT relationship but once I got the engine running, as Andre said, using the HP Academy content allowed me to get a reasonable tune albeit without a dyno.

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