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I’ve been hearing about something called a WOT box which reduces the timing for a very short period of time while you are shifting a manual transmission to allow the synchros to mesh while you keep your right foot planted to the floor. This is supposed to reduce ET times in drag racing. Anybody used one of these and do they work?

First of all retarding the timing alone will not be enough to allow you to flat shift a synchro box as the rpm will still climb as soon as you use the clutch. We used a clutch switch to enable a secondary rpm limit on a few of our drag cars and that was quite effective. A quick google suggests that is how the WOT box works too. The important point to understand is that flat shifting a synchro mesh box is not going to be any faster than lifting off the throttle to do so - The gearbox still takes the same amount of time to shift gears. The advantage however can come from this sort of device if you have a large turbo as it will tend to keep it spooled up on the gear change.If you have no other way of adding flat shifting through a programmable ECU then this device might be worth considering.