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Y- axis for VE Fuel Table and Ignition table

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Dear Andre,

What is the best choice for Y-axis with RPM for VE table and ignition table tuning?

What are the main differences between them ( MAP- MGP- TPS - Load)?

What are the applications for each ( MAP- MGP- TPS - Load) ?

Finally, I read at Link-ECU help there are stable and unstable intake manifold pressure but I didn't understand, can you give us more explanation in details about that?

Note: I'm only interested in using VE ( Modeled ) tuning?


The correct load axis will depend on the engine you're tuning. For a conventional engine with a plenum and single throttle you would chose either MGP or MAP for the VE table and MAP for the ignition table. If you are tuning multi throttle then the load axis for the VE table would need to be TPS. Some engines with very large cam profiles provide a MAP signal that is very low at idle and also quite erratic. On these engines we would also use TPS as it offers better resolution for tuning.

The MGP axis looks at the difference between manifold pressure and barometric pressure. This is supposed to account automatically for changes in baro pressure.

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