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Zeitronix AFR signal for closed loop

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Hello tuners !

My concern is simple : I wanted to use Zeitronix AFR signal inputted to ECU for closed loop, but it seems that the signal is not enough stable. Sometimes signal freeze to 14,7 for 3 or 4 secondes, even if it is mainly for stoichiometric mixture area, this is not reliable...

Have you ever been confronted to same case with Zeitronix or other WB ?

Thank you.

I've had one customer recently with a Zeitronix WB and I didn't like it at all. Personally, I think it's the slowest WB to respond (or I just didn't have to the time for playing with it :) )

The Zeitronix is what comes as standard with the Dynapack dyno's, I find it pretty responsive tbh, it's not the fastest by any means, the Innovate LM-2 is a much better kit

I have no experience with this product, but my two c on this is that responsiveness relies on being reasonably close to the outlet ports, 500 - 600 mm

Ok thank you all for your feedback, anyway I planned to win the lottery to buy a Motec PLM.

I haven't used the Zeitronix unit but your experience doesn't sound right. It's critical to get a wideband that offers fast response otherwise you're tuning blind.

I've had great results with the Innovate LM2/LC2 and either unit is reasonably priced. I have Motec PLMs in my dyno and love them but they are expensive. The NGK AFX is probably one of the more widely used professional meters however I haven't personally used one. They are available from Ballenger Motorsports.

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