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ZF 8HP Transmission Control

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ZF 8HP seems like a good candidate for swaps in many cars due to their range of torque capacity as well as fast shift times for an auto and cost. I know HTG tuning has a unit for replacing and controlling the stock transmission control. Wondering if any aftermarket ecu's are supporting this transmission via CAN using the transmissions controller. I know there are a few reflash options as well for the transmission. Just seems like implementation into aftermarket ecu's would not be that difficult with can communication and maybe a reflash of the transmission controller. So what all is out there for adapting this transmission. Preferred implementation would be for a Haltech ecu.

I think right now you'll struggle to do anything with that transmission with the likes of a Haltech without going to a standalone TCM. Even then the integration with the haltech could be tricky since often there will be requests for a torque reduction on upshifts and throttle blips on the down shift and all this needs to be accurately timed around the shift process. We shot a video with MoTeC at PRI about their new auto trans control package that is being released for the new Ford Mustang just as an example of what is possible.

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