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1JZ non VVTI - Degree or Adjust?

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Hey all

I have a 1JZ with 272 Camtech Cams, that have not been dialled in, just installed to OE settings.

Had my car on the dyno last week to find out my rear exhaust housing was to big, making peak boost at 7000rpm

I have now installed a 1.01 exhaust housing on my GTX42 turbocharger and I’d like to know if I can adjust my cam timing, I have a pair of adjustable gears installed already

Question I have is - Do I have to “dial in the cams” which will be quite painful as the engine is squeezed into a small engine bay first, or can I simply move the exhaust & inlet cams between dyno runs in small 2 degree movements and do another dyno run to see where it’s moved the torque curve

I am trying to achieve more bottom end torque to get my turbocharger to spool up quicker and get my engine onto 2step quicker

Thank you

hope to get a reply before this Saturday

sorry either way will work but i prefer to have the base set to the cam sheet before heading to the dyno then you know where your at in regards to piston to valve and a good base line

Regards Ross