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cam info sheet help

How to Degree a Cam

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Just looking for some help with this information sheet. I am a blind mechanic and before my accident was well used of setting Cambs but since my accident finding it hard to explain the cam sheet used to someone who is helping me set up the engine. it is going in to a turbo Cosworth engine that I am building for myself at the moment and it is only going on the inlet side as the standard exhaust cam seems to be more than good enough. I have attached a photograph below and if anyone would be able to make it easier for me to explain it to the person that is helping me it would be greatly appreciated Thanks for all the help

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That's a relatively confusing spec sheet. The part I'm struggling with is what valve lift they want the opening and closing points checked at - Their description makes little sense to me. The opening and closing points are clearly defined so that's simple enough. I've got three options:

1. Contact the manufacturer and request clarification - This is probably how I'd approach it.

2. Degree the cam using the centreline alone. This may result in a small inaccuracy if the cam grind isn't perfectly symmetrical but if you're intending to then adjust the cam timing on the dyno you'll be there or thereabouts so it will make no difference.

3. Adjust the cam timing unitl you have equal lift at the opening and closing points listed.

Hi Andre

Thanks for that thought when the cam sheet was getting read out to me I was going mad because I couldn’t understand it. I will give them a shout tomorrow and if all else fails I will go down the centre line route thanks for your help

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