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degreeing a b18a non vtec

How to Degree a Cam

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Hey fellas,

So I got the valve lash set. and now I am degreeing this set up. I have the degree wheel on, engine was at TDC before I put the head on so I know it's perfect, and the cam gears were aligned up when I put the belt on. Everything was aligned properly. The cam card for these brian crower stage 2 turbo cams says the intake valve should open at 1° ATDC. My engine isn't opening the intake valve until 41° ATDC. Is it possible for these cams to be that far off? Am I reading this wrong? My adjustable cam gears can not be advanced that far, they only allow 10° in either way. Head and block were machined as this block is CSS. Good piston/valve clearance. I'm just so confused.

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Can you give more details on the cam' timing card? It should start opening well before TDC - is this the timing for 50 thou'" lift?

I'd suggest you go right back to basics - turn the crank back to 90 degrees before TDC, set the timing for each camshaft in turn for their #1 firingTDC positions - so there won't be interference problems with the pistons - and double check the crank TDC is correct using the degree wheel 'split' method.

Then fit the cam' belt, tension it, and recheck the camshaft timing.

Oh, and double check the correct vernier is used for each camshaft, and the parts are paired correctly - shouldn't be a problem, but mistakes happen.

Hey, thank you for the input. I sure do feel silly. I was off by an entire tooth on the intake side. I did what you said and went back to the basics. I got the old OEM cam gears out and matched them up to adjustable gears, and what I thought was TDC for the cam was not, OEM has the intake gear cocked to the left 1 tooth. I marked the aftermarket gears going off of the OEM gears and I am about to re do it. I feel like this should work. I have the brian crower BC0021 cams, cam card states at .050" lift the intake should open at 1 degree ATDC, close at 25 degrees ABDC, and the exhaust should open at 33 degrees BBDC, and close at 9degrees BTDC. Cam centerline at 103 degrees for intake and 111 degrees for exhaust. Advertised duration is 280 and duration at .050" is 204. I am learning a lot as this is the first engine I have built. Thank you again.

heres the cam card

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Hello did you ever figure this out mine went to 7 degrees advanced to be able to match cam card

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