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dregreeing cams

How to Degree a Cam

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is the cam card for that engine or is the cam card front the camshaft your putting in ?

im trying to degree cams for a b18c and the cams are skunk 2 pro stage 2

Not sure I understand the question - the camshafts should have been purchased for the engine they were to be used in, there should have been a cord, or sheet, with the timing specifications for the camshafts.

If you have misplaced the timing information, it should also be on the manufacturers/suppliers web site.

I might be able to help as i have just been through the dial in process with a set of skunk2 cams, its does differ a tiny bit from this exact worked example, but the principles are all the same.

The main difference is that skunk2 measure there valve lift / close at 0.040 thou with 0 valve lash.

so just like the example, :

buy cams, look at the cam card that comes with them

install and time to the OEM marks

Find true TDC and set your pointer

Set you DTI with enough pre-load to measure the full lift.

Start turning the crank and watch the DTI needle start to move, when it reached 0.040' on your gauge, stop and reference the number, this is the opening value.

For closing, i tend to watch the DTI wind itself all the way back to 0, then turn the engine the wrong way, a full inch (1 whole rotation on the DTI), i then slowly start to rotate again in the right direction until i come up to 0.040' before its going to close (hit 0 ). Thats your closing figure.

Also worth noting on my spec sheet that came with my skunk2 cams, they had actually mis-printed the exhaust closing figure. The number was correct, but the sheet said it expected the exhaust valve to be almost closed BTDC, which will never happen, its was supposed to say ADTC

Hi Blair, I am going through the degreeing stage with my Skunk2 Pro Stage 2 cams. My documentation is saying the valve lash should be intake 0.007" and exhaust should be 0.008" which matches factory recommended specs.

However, my valve opening closing events aren't matching up with the degree wheel by as much as 9 crankshaft degrees on the exhaust cam.

Once you set your valve lash to 0 did you change it again afterwards?

The whole thing seems odd to me

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