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How to Degree a Cam

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I'm unsure generally how long of an extension rod for a dial indicator I need to allow to reach down into the bore.

I see Mitutoyo has a 100mm rod - P/N 303614

I have an RB26 engine. Can anybody suggest one and a part number as tools shops don't appear to carry them, they only sell bases

and the gauges


As your asking your question in the "How to degree a cam" section, I'm guessing that is what you are trying to achieve?

You'll find that RB26 are a bit of a pain to degree as the cam is directly over the bucket, which makes it hard to access with your dial gauge.

Here's what I did. Grinded a steel rod, bent one side at around 120deg, cut the other side flush, then but a little bit of instant glue on the part that mates with the gauge, cover it with 2x SCL shrink to make it more rigid. Unfortunately my adapter is now there permanently on my gauge, but it works very well. This ensure that you are 100% in line with the bucket movement, and the tip of the dial gauge don't slip on the bucket.

Hope it helps,


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