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Finding TDC on a K24A2 - moving degree wheel or pointer?

How to Degree a Cam

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So far I get how to find TDC with a dial gauge, and marking where the 2 positions are before the piston is dwelling at TDC.

Once I have both measurements, and I add them both and divide by 2, do I (1) move the pointer to show 0 degree TDC on the degree wheel, or (2) loosen the degree wheel and rotate where it shows 0, and therefore leaving the pointer where it is?

After you found out two points with piston stopper, you (as you just said) add two figures together and divide them by 2 - it will give you the number of where true TDC is. Then you move the pointer to that number on the wheel to help yourself to visualize where the TDC is. Then you let the wheel loose and turn it is such way when TDC on the wheel is aligned with the pointer.

You can do it either way, depending on which is easier for you. The physical location/orientation of either to the crankshaft's position isn't important, it's the pointer and wheel that need to be aligned to "zero" at crankshaft TDC.

Usually a wire pointer is used, and that's easy to bend to the correct alignment on the wheel.

It's a very good idea to mark the physical TDC on the pulley, damper, flywheel, or elsewhere so you have a known correct TDC reference for things like aligning the ECU's "TDC" reference timing to the physical TDC.

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