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Honda Vtec / solid lifter / check spring / Lash ?

How to Degree a Cam

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Why would you do that on a stage 2 cam? easiest way is to lock Vtec either using an air compressor or using the small cylinders that are fitted into the rocker arm, just inverted them and vtec is immediately locked in place, then you set lash to 0 and do all your degree you need.

As for a dial indicator I use a regular one, no extension needed, just place a flat aluminium bar across the head that fits nicely and secure it to head bolts, make hole on the side of it tap it use a washer or something to give proper angle and will reach the valve retainer,

you can look up on webcams web page they have a kit that works on all hondas heads, so you have a rough idea on what you need to do in order to get the dial indicator to work,

Actually Javier you'll want to follow your cam manufacturer's recommendations on lash setting. Some manufacturers may require zero lash for degreeing but in my experience that's not common. The worked example in the course is a perfect illustration of this, where the lash needs to be set at 0.30mm intake and exhaust in order to degree the cams. Using the technique in the course you can also perform a sanity check that the lash is correct as the opening and closing points should both match the cam card when the cam is degreed properly. If not, either your lash is wrong or there's a problem with the cam grind.


Thank you for the Info,

I deal mostly with Honda and DSM's so i didn't know that some Manufacturers ask for some clearance to degree the cams, I will have to do that Course to learn more about some other platforms.


Unless it/they are in the very small percentage of camshafts with asymmetric lobes (different shape on leading and trailing) the clearance when checking isn't that important - with the proviso that it is easier to get an accurate reading one the clearance/take ramps are cleared and it is in the actual activation range. Rememer, you are splitting the opening and closing points to get the lobe's centre line.

That said, it isn't a bad idea to use that clearance just in case they are one of those asymmetric camshafts.

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