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How to measure camshaft without spec sheet of the cam?

How to Degree a Cam

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Wanted to ask if the cam shaft that don have the information detail sheet?

How can measure the cam spec without any information given?

If stock standard camshaft how to find the degree if the cam and lift?

Thank you

Hello the best advice here is to download a cam spec sheet learn whre they are taking there measurements and then replicate this your self

Regards Ross

Is this a general inquiry, or do you have a specific engine and camshaft(s) in mind?

Aftermarket camshafts should have markings on them to clearly identify them, as should most OEM ones - if you post what you can find on it/them, we may be able to find the information for you.

With OEM camshafts, the service manual should have the timing proceedure, but most will have markings on the gears/sprockets and/or chain/belt that are to be lined up.

With some engines, swapping camshafts between compatible engines can sometimes give a performnce gain, with some requiring retiming For example, the GM's C20XE's intake camshaft when fitted to the tubo' version of that engine, that uses milder camshafts, can give around 60hp gain if retarded 7 degrees - on stock timing it's closer to 15, IIRC.

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