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I get confused !!!

How to Degree a Cam

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First, Upon your explanation to find true TDC, have you previously prepared and kept the piston on TDC and then you start to demonstration?

Because I saw that you take out a 10d and then you fixed the piston stop! does that mean the wheel degree was fixed from before?

Second, when you back up toward TDC 10d, so that's mean the piston it will go a little down and then you will fix the piston stop. After you find the 2 numbers and then you will add and divided them to get the true TDC. When you find the number of true TDC, where is the 10d does it go? It's mean for me that I'm far away about 10d from TDC !!!

Finally, when you found the true TDC 8.25d, why you kept the degree wheel in the same number!? why you didn't move it to 0 so that it will mean it's on true TDC....?!


i will try my best to explain this

get piston to approx tdc ad set up the degree wheel and make a pointer that point close to tdc

back off the engine say anti clockwise approx 20 deg

set up a piston stop,

turn the engine clocwise bringing the piston up until it touches the piston stop

take note of the degress on the timing wheel

then rotate the engine anticlockwise until the piston stops again take not of this reading the true tdc is between this measurement and the first one so adjust the pointer to this point

regards Ross

wind the engine

install the piston stop at any number of deg this

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