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Identifying cams on 4g63

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Good evening everyone.

I have an evo 5 that i bought a while ago and was told it had hks camshafts and i took it at face value. It does indeed have that lumpy idle but on closer inspection, the cam gears have been played around with. Intake is 8 degrees retarded and exhaust is 2 degrees retarded.

Also after removing the rocker cover to have a look. There was no obvious markings or identification marks on the cams themselves to determine what cams they are. If anything they look factory to me but just been retarded to make it sound lumpy

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I seldom used HKS cams in our 4G63 engines as there are far superior cams available for less money so I'm possibly not the best one to identify your cams. That being said I'm reasonably confident that the HKS cams I have seen in a 4G63 have had 'HKS' cast into them which makes identification pretty straight forward. You may also find the actual duration or part number is engraved into the end of the cam where the cam gear bolts on. This requires removal of the cam gear though.

What I would say from experience however is that you're unlikely to get a true lumpy idle just from adjusting cam timing with stock cams so it's likely the cams are larger than factory but it may be a bit of a guess as to exactly what you have. Here's a relevant link to an evo m thread on HKS cams -