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How to Degree a Cam

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Hey everyone new member here and I'm hoping for some help! When going through my degreeing process, my tdc is good, and my opening and closing events on each cam is close, but I have a 2* discrepancy in the openring and closing even on each individual cam. I'll attach a pic of what I got last time I took some readings. I plan on using a bigger wheel, and seeing if that gets me closer, but if i split the difference it's really close (within 1* of cam cards opening and closing specs). Just wondering if maybe my lash isnt right? Or if I'm being too anal and I'm not accounting for a little bit of human error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I would not be worried about the discrepancy you're seeing and it's almost certainly a result of small inaccuracies in your lash compared to the cam spec. In this situation I'd suggest you split the difference.

Thanks man that's exactly what I did and I got them within a degree of the cam card opening and closing events. Plus it's a small wheel, so I'm going to run it one more time with a larger wheel and see if that resolution is the difference.

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