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Measuring Piston to Valve Clearance

How to Degree a Cam

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Would making the head gasket thicker help instead of machining the valve pockets and using different connecting rods? Would that contradict the process you are trying to achieve?

Unlikely, but if you would elaborate on your thoughts and what they refer to?

Hi and sorry for the very late reply. I mean, instead of deepening the valve pockets to achieve more volume. Why not just increase the thickness of the head gasket. Will it achieve the same result? Thank you.

In theory, you can obtain a little more V2P clearance, but it's minimal - and it has the undesireable(usually) affect of reducing the CR of the engine.

Depending on the engine, you may find a machine shop that is already set up for machining pistons for a deeper pocket, and more clearance.

Failing that, way back in the day, there were some companies offering special fly-cutters that were fitted into the valve guides and could be done by the home-builder WITH CARE to cut pistons.

Ah, they're still made, such as - https://www.lindytools.com/ihpc

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