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Measuring piston to valve clearance with solid lifters/rockers

How to Degree a Cam

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Based on the answer I got to another post I made elsewhere here I think I have a misunderstanding of how minimum clearance is defined, and the answer to my question is not mentioned in the video in the course.

This question is only regarding solid lifters/rockers like my b18c has (also same engine in the video).

As I understand it a safe minimum p2v clearance is .08 for intake and .1 for exhaust. Are these minimums with valve lash set at 0.000 or with lash set at the factory recommended specs which in my case are .07 intake and .08 exhaust.

Or put another way, if I measure .04 clearance on the exhaust with lash set at 0.000 then is the clearance I go by the .04 or is it .04 + .08lash = .12?

Just want to triple check this one, not good to get this wrong.

I have always regarded it as engine running clearance - if you check it at zero 'lash', whatever clearance you found can have the 'lash' added to it.

For example, zero 'lash' has a V2P clearance 0.080", 'lash' is 0.018", running V2P is 0.098".


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