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No cam specs, what to do?

How to Degree a Cam

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I have a set of new tuner made cams to put in my 2jz but I have no cam card and neither can I find any information on them. Seriously, 9 pages into Google searches, forums etc

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You better contact the camshaft manufacturer.

He will apply the timing card. No guess work.

Are they drop in camshafts?

Thanks for the super fast reply.

Yeah they're are drop in cams.

They are most probably made to order by a local machine shop by the tuner.

1 man band type thing as apposed to a manafacturer etc

Many kind regards

Well, the tuner knows what he asked for..., and any machine shop capable of making the cam can supply the info if he doesn't have it.

To be blunt, if I were expected to fit camshafts of unknown specification, ground by someone of unknown expertise, I would be MOST reluctant to use them - ESPECIALLY if they are 'reground' on stock camshafts. That isn't to say they may work very well but, there is a lot of potential for them to cause problems and a small saving could be very expensive in the long run...

I would suggest you, at least, check all the cams are the same dimensions - base circle to tip. If they aren't, on each respective camshaft, you'll know they're rubbish.

I had a kind of similar issue with some unknown spec cams. I measured the various durations and lifts and have timed them based some similar spec cams. Once on the dyno I will swing the cam timing and optimise...which I always would anyway.

An alternative would be to send the cams to a reputable camshaft grinder to check and give some baseline figures.

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