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Opening and closing events different

How to Degree a Cam

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Following instructions from the course on a DOHC (2JZ).

I am getting an IVO event 23 degree's retarded and then a IVC event 9 degree's advanced.

Can this be anything other than my homemade tool for getting a dial pointer on the bucket being shit?

How are you guys getting a decent reading while getting around the cam and onto the bucket?

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That is pretty much what i use but I lean the rod to make sure it goes up and down in line with the bucket so it doesnt move sideways

i mount the base on a home made plate attached to the rocker cover bolt holes

I since revised it like this, and I got the same results x3. But the opening and closing still don't match?

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I've abandoned this method and finding the information is maddening. I think I know what I can do, I managed to measure peak lift of 9.6mm @ 117 degree's on the intake using the centre line method. Spec is 9.6mm @ 110 degree's. I think I am right in thinking that I can just set the cam to this.

It isn't to the courses specifications but then I can't get the information I need whilst the centre line method is more generally covered in the US and as a result; the information is more readily available on the net.

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