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Hello guys,

I want to ask a question that has been debated all over the internet and no one seems to be dependent on an answer.

Is overlap beneficial for a turbocharged engine? Does more overlap provide better spool?

If someone can give us an overview of his perspective considering this subject... providing detailed explanation like what does advancing intake and exhaust cams do? Or retarding both? Or advancing intake and retarding exhaust or vice versa? If someone can explain every possible situation it would be great.

I dunno if there already exists a topic in the forum but if it does I couldn't manage to find it.

Thanks guys,

Best Regards.

The short answer is, there are millions of cars on the road that use overlap to spool the turbo from the factory. read this article I wrote a while back. It goes into a lot of detail. There is a section on scavenging for spool.