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Piston to valve clearance

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I have just watched the video for measuring piston to valve clearance and I have to say the video is excellent.

I do have a question about this process though as I need to carry out the check on my engine.

I can see that when you do the check you refit the cylinder head with the head gasket and torque it down. My concern with this is that after torquing the head with the new gasket, I would then have to replace the gasket when finally fitting the head. My experience in the trade is to never reuse a head gasket but do you think I am being too cautious?


When you're doing a dummy build like this the engine obviously isn't going to start and run so the gasket doesn't get heat cycled. It's only if the engine has actually been run that a factory style composite gasket will need to be replaced. While I don't generally recommend it, MLS gaskets can technically be reused even after an engine has been run.