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When doing this, do you use an old head gasket, or a new one? If it's a new one, do you need two (one to check for clearance, and another for final install)? Lastly, if you are using the same one for final install, is it recommended to use copper gasket spray after measuring clearance and doing the final install? It seems like the adhesive material on the MLS gasket would stick to the block and head after measuring piston to valve clearance and would need to be replaced (with copper spray or a new gasket). Thanks.

Hi Nicholas

I use the gasket I'm going to use on the build I don't final torque the head down just 1/2 clamp pressure at most performance gasket suppliers state the crushed thickness so you can calculate that from the thickness you have pulled down too. there is no need to use a copper gasket spray, although I personally do in almost all cases.

Regards Ross