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RB26 head

How to Degree a Cam

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Hi has anyone had trouble getting a dial gauge located correctly on the rb26 head buckets I have fitted pon cams and there is just no space to get the probe on the bucket and get a good reading opening and closing fully without constant error i ground down a long probe so its thinner to access but still no good the angle in all wrong as the cam circumference is so large would there be an alternative method or a trick anyone knows

I am having the same issue… is there anyone out there that could help?? 👍

I made and adapter for my dial gauge.

Here's a picture :

mine was essentially the same. little longer.

I used a 1.6mm tungsten I balled up on AC then brought an extension for the dial gauge and attached it to that.

it can be done, but you right. a standard extension is far to fat.

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