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Reseal cam caps after unbolting and rebolting?

How to Degree a Cam

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This question is mores specific to the honda b18c being used in the demonstration (which I also happen to have). When you bolt the steel plate in for the benefit of the magnetic base you are loosening a bolt that holds down a cam cap which happens to have gasket maker on it sealing it to the head for the sake of oil pressure (if the engine has already been assembled). In my case I have a custom made fixture for the dial indicators that goes across cyl #1 and uses a few more of those bolts to hold it down. The question is when I’m done is it necessary or even worthwhile to remove all the bolts and re-do the gasket maker since some of the pressure holding the cam cap down was temporarily removed for the installation of the fixture or magnetic base and possibly weakened that seal? Or should the seal be fine given it’s been set a long time and it was only partially and temporarily disassembled?

Hello i would normally reseal to save having to do it if it did leak but i have seen many builders not reseal and get away with it

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