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Subaru EJ207 cam timing marks well out of alignment

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I have a built EJ207 engine with slightly thicker head gaskets running tomei poncams, non AVCS. Problem is car is super lazy on dyno and appears cam marks are well off where they should be. At correct crank location driver side cam timing both slightly advanced (half a tooth) while passengers side cams appear to be 1-2 teeth retarded when using the dyco timing belt marks lined upon sprocket.

Car is super lazy on Dyno eg 100KW at 4000rpm then 300KW at 5500rpm. This is a tarmac and hill climb car so need loads of low torque. Opposite of what's happening now. Now really wanting to pull engine and degree it unless I have too.

Question 1: Should I ignore timing belt marks and get cam sprocket and cam cover index marks to be where they need to be in alignment.

Question 2: Should I slightly advance cams to help increase low torque

Thanks in advance

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Hello i personally would try adjusting the cams just to see the gain or loss.

But ultimately you need a baseline of correctly dialed cams

Regards Ross